About Me

I am a PhD student and NSF Graduate Fellow at the University Of Maryland College Park where I work primarily under the supervision of Professor Erin Molloy. My research is at the intersection of discrete optimization and parallel computing for problems in computational biology, especially computational phylogenomics. Beyond my main gig I have general interests in discrete mathematics, graph algorithms, and statistics. Before Graduate school I worked as a post-baccalaureate research assistant at Reed College in the Biology Department under the supervision of Professor Anna Ritz, as well as in the Philosophy Department under the supervision of Professor Mark Bedau. I received a bachelors degree in philosophy in 2019 from Reed College. My undergraduate thesis was done under the advisement of Professor Paul Hovda.

Stuff I've Written

Dropping diversity of products of large US firms: Models and measuresAnanthan Nambiar*, Tobias Rubel*, James McCaull, Jon deVries, Mark Bedau . Plos one. (2022)

GRAPHERY: interactive tutorials for biological network algorithms Heyuan Zeng, Jinbiao Zhang, Gabriel A Preising, Tobias Rubel, Pramesh Singh, Anna Ritz. Nucleic Acids Research. (2021)

Reconciling Signaling Pathway Databases with Network Topologies Tobias Rubel*, Pramesh Singh*, and Anna Ritz. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2022.

Augmenting Signaling Pathway Reconstructions. Tobias Rubel and Anna Ritz. 11th ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (ACM-BCB) 2020.

Open-Ended Technological Innovation. Mark A. Bedau, Nicholas Gigliotti, Tobias (Rubel) Janssen, Alec Kosik, Ananthan Nambiar, and Norman Packard. Artificial Life. (2019)

Fundamentality and Friends. Tobias Rubel. Unpublished Senior Thesis advised by Paul Hovda. (2019)


Pathway Reconstruction Tools. All the source code and data that was used to write Augmenting Signaling Pathways. Co-authored with Anna Ritz.